Keeping a saw chain sharp on a chainsaw is no easy task for most but it is crucial. When it comes to trimming trees, chainsaws that are dull can leave ragged pruning cuts on a tree which makes the compartmentalization process of a tree more difficult. The longer it takes for a Tree to compartmentalize the more susceptible the tree is to be invaded by pests and disease. On the other hand, sharp chainsaws can make much cleaner cuts with little to no fraying of the wood if done correctly.

Dull chainsaws can also make tree cutting even more dangerous than it already is. When a saw chain is dull it typically requires the tree cutter to work hard by pushing harder on the saw and pushing the saw back and forth to get it to cut. This puts more strain on the operator and he or she is more likely to have an accident by the chainsaw “kickback” that can occur.

There are multiple reasons a TREE CUTTERS chainsaw can become dull. One of the most common reasons a chainsaw can become dull is from the tree trimmers chainsaw coming in contact with foreign debris other than fresh wood of a tree. Debris like dirt, rocks, concrete, dirt that is inside tree cavities are some of the many things that can make your sawn chain go dull. Here at Henderson Tree and Landscape, we take pride not only in our TREE SERVICE we provide for our customers in the TULSA and surrounding areas but also our tree service equipment and chainsaws we use to cut trees.