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While tree removal is often the choice of last resort, it is sometimes necessary.

When this happens there is usually a stump that is left once the tree has been removed. Stump grinding is an option for the customer to choose whether or not to have the stump(s) ground out, left for aesthetic purposes, or to be removed at a later date.

Do you have tree roots from an old existing tree that you're tired of mowing over? Do you have multiple old shrubs or plant stumps in your flowerbeds that are preventing you from planting? We can grind those problematic stumps to get your lawn or flowerbed back the way you always wanted it.


What is stump grinding?

Stump grinding is using a machine that has a large cutting wheel with carbide teeth that spins extremely fast. It chips away at a tree stump and turns it into tiny pieces to almost the consistency of mulch like you would find in a flower or landscape bed.

How far down do you stump grind?

In most cases we grind tree stumps 4"-8" below ground depending on location, utility lines, irrigation lines, etc. If you plan on planting in the same area or need stump ground deeper, please let us know prior to receiving your estimate.

What will the area look like after stump grinding?

Once the stump grinding has been done there will usually be a small or large mound of shavings raked over the freshly ground stump.

Will you haul away the shavings?

We haul the majority of the shavings/grindings away on a large stump but usually leave and recommend leaving a small mound over the freshly ground stump due to settling. However, sometimes a homeowner will want all the shavings from the stump grinding and use it for flowerbeds, compost, etc. Often times when the tree stump is small there are very little shavings and it gets mixed in with the native soil.

I have a small yard, will your stump grinder fit?

With two of the front removable wheels, our stump grinder will fit through a 35" gate which allows us access to almost all yards.

How much does stump removal cost?

Many factors go into calculating the cost of stump removal. Size, height, location and type of tree are the main factors. We give free estimates so call us today at (918) 510-2285 or fill out an estimate request form here.

What's the difference between stump grinding and stump removal?

Stump grinding and stump removal can be used synonymously. Stump grinding is just one way of removing a stump.

Stump grinding Tulsa

Video: We are removing a small stump in a flowerbed

Stump Grinding

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