ISA Certified Arborist in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tree Pruning/Trimming FAQ’s

We usually recommend tree trimming every 2-3 years depending on a number of factors. Health of tree, growth rate, species and aesthetics are just a few.
A good rule of thumb is to never remove more than 25% of a tree's foliage in a 1 year time span.
We do both. Depending on size of tree, location and health, we will determine which is the best.
One of the pieces of equipment we own is a spider lift and it allows us working heights up to 90 feet! We can also safely climb higher.
Yes. Unless otherwise requested, we haul away all the wood and debris from cuttings and leave the work area clean or cleaner than we arrived.
We trim and prune trees year round. The most important aspect is to make sure proper cuts on a tree are made just outside of the branch collar so the tree will biologically heal itself.
A tree that is not trimmed correctly can have detrimental consequences possibly leading to tree removal. Over pruning, improper cuts and too large of cuts are some of the many ways to allow disease and pest infestations to enter and attack a tree.

Tree Removal FAQ’S

We have several large pieces of tree removal equipment we own to such as, bobcats, 90' spider lift, mini-skid steers, stump grinders, dump trailers and numerous other pieces of equipment to get the job done safely and efficiently.
Yes. Unless otherwise requested, we will haul away all the wood and debris from cuttings, leaving your property as clean or cleaner than we arrived.
After a tree is removed, we recycle all the wood and brush. It is either re-used as firewood or turned into mulch.
Sometimes due to the process of removing trees, machines can disrupt some areas of the lawn and landscape. We do our best to protect your landscape. We have ground protection mats we can put down on temperamental grasses and delicate areas.
There are numerous factors that go into the cost of removing trees. We offer free estimates. Call today (918) 510-2285 or fill out an estimate request form HERE.

Stump Grinding FAQ’S

Stump grinding is using a machine that has a large cutting wheel with carbide teeth that spins extremely fast. It chips away at a tree stump and turns it into tiny pieces to almost the consistency of mulch like you would find in a flower or landscape bed.
Once the stump grinding has been done there will usually be a small or large mound of shavings raked over the freshly ground stump.
In most cases we grind tree stumps 4"- 8" below ground depending on location, utility lines, irrigation lines, etc. If you plan on planting in the same area or need a stump ground deeper, please let us know prior to receiving your estimate.
No! We also stump grind stumps from shrubbery, roots, vegetation and more. Think of a stump grinder like a tiller but for thick woody roots.
There are multiple factors that go into the price of stump grinding. Some of which include, size, height, location and utilities in or around the work area. We offer free estimates. Call today (918) 510-2285 or by filling out an estimate request form by clicking here.

General FAQ’S

Yes. We cary general liability insurance and can provide a certificate of insurance upon request.
We accept cash, checks and credit cards. We do not accept any form of payment up front. Be wary of tree companies that ask for money up front before the job is complete.
After we receive an estimate request, we schedule a day and time frame to meet with the owner or manager of the property and discuss the requested service and scope of work. Once the estimate is accepted, we then schedule the work. After job completion we take payment the day of.
We always recommend choosing a company that has an ISA Certified Arborist not only on staff, but one that actually services your trees. Only a few tree companies in Tulsa even have ISA Certified Arborists on staff, let alone, an ISA Certified Arborist that personally works on your trees, but we do!
Most often yes. We own an extremely compact piece of equipment called a spider lift. This will fit through a 36" gate and allows us a working height up to 90 feet in the air! We also climb. Our smallest loader, a mini skid-steer, will fit through a 42" gate and our smallest stump grinder will fit through a 35" gate.
Austin Henderson ISA Certified Arborist MW-5857A
Austin Henderson ISA Certified Arborist MW-5857A
Austin Henderson- ISA Member

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