ISA Certified Arborist in Tulsa, Oklahoma
29 Jan 2024

Warmer weather for Oklahoma this week!

Warmer weather is in store this week for most of Oklahoma!

That means many people will be getting outside trying to thaw out from some of the extreme cold temperatures we’ve had this winter.

Now would be a great time to look at your trees and see if there are any broken branches or tree limbs that were damaged or broken from the few ice and snow days Tulsa and surrounding areas experienced.

Although Tulsa did not receive much snow or ice, sometimes already weekend trees or tree branches have limbs that do fail.

Since most trees lose their leaves in the fall, broken and damaged tree limbs are easier to see in the winter.

As many Tulsa, Bixby, Broken Arrow, Owasso and many other surrounding residents experienced in June of 2023, trees, especially already weakened trees, are prone to extensive damage from snow, ice and wind.

Here at Henderson Tree and Landscape, we care for trees. Trees are our specialty!

Through various tree trimming and pruning methods, we can help with the structural stability of your tree.

If you see broken or hanging tree limbs in your trees don’t wait until the next storm brings them down uncontrollably.

We can reach the tallest trees in Tulsa.

With our new compact “spider lift”, we can reach SAFE working heights up to 90 feet, all while being able to fit through a 36 inch gate!

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14 Jan 2024


Keeping a saw chain sharp on a chainsaw is no easy task for most but it is crucial. When it comes to trimming trees, chainsaws that are dull can leave ragged pruning cuts on a tree which makes the compartmentalization process of a tree more difficult. The longer it takes for a Tree to compartmentalize the more susceptible the tree is to be invaded by pests and disease. On the other hand, sharp chainsaws can make much cleaner cuts with little to no fraying of the wood if done correctly.

Dull chainsaws can also make tree cutting even more dangerous than it already is. When a saw chain is dull it typically requires the tree cutter to work hard by pushing harder on the saw and pushing the saw back and forth to get it to cut. This puts more strain on the operator and he or she is more likely to have an accident by the chainsaw “kickback” that can occur.

There are multiple reasons a TREE CUTTERS chainsaw can become dull. One of the most common reasons a chainsaw can become dull is from the tree trimmers chainsaw coming in contact with foreign debris other than fresh wood of a tree. Debris like dirt, rocks, concrete, dirt that is inside tree cavities are some of the many things that can make your sawn chain go dull. Here at Henderson Tree and Landscape, we take pride not only in our TREE SERVICE we provide for our customers in the TULSA and surrounding areas but also our tree service equipment and chainsaws we use to cut trees.

13 Jan 2024

My tree is getting too tall, should I top my tree?


No! Tree topping is known by educated arborists as bad practice and in almost every case should be avoided. However, if your tree or trees post a hazard to life or property and are in great decline and the homeowner has the intent to eventually remove the tree then this is one of the very few instances we would ever recommend tree topping. If your tree or trees are healthy and you are looking to trim your tree for tree health then topping should almost never be an option. Tree topping in most cases eventually leads to tree decay and can pose significant problems within the tree which can lead to eventual tree removal. Another problem with tree topping is what arborist sometimes refer to as the “witches broom effect”. A witches broom effect is where the tree sprouts out several new branches at the end of a heading cut. This is problematic because when you have multiple branches growing all in the same area the tree ends up with multiple areas of included bark. Included bark is another problematic area in trees we see often. Included bark is where two or more branches or leaders are joined together without a branch collar. The area of included bark is prone decay from water, dirt and debris build up. Water seeps down into the area of the included bark allowing decay to set in within the tree. Couple the potentially large branches or leaders that have decay in the areas of the included bark with ice, snow or heavy winds and you could potentially have a serious hazard. So when we get asked if we top trees the answer is almost always a no and to avoid tree topping at all cost unless the tree poses a threat to life or property. To conclude, ensure you try and avoid tree services that want to top your tree and look for a TULSA TREE SERVICE that specializes in proper tree care and look for ISA Certified Arborists in Tulsa.

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