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Mulch Volcanoes, no bueno


We see it everywhere! Mulch volcanoes are becoming a tremendous problem, landscapers everywhere and some home owners are over mulching trees. Over mulching trees, also known as mulch volcanoes are mounds of mulch built up around the base of the tree. This is NOT the way to mulch a tree or any plant for that matter.


Over mulching around trees, also known as mulch volcanoes can cause stem girdling roots, soil borne pathogens to enter the tree, root suffocation and more. All of which can cause great stress to a tree and in most cases lead to death of a tree.


We use a special air tool that carefully removes all the mulch and soil around the base of the tree safely, that does very little harm (if at any) to the root system, versus using hand tools. By doing this, it exposes the root flare which we can inspect for any stem girdling roots and inspect the surrounding root system. After removing any problematic roots we then fill any voids with compost/mulch and create a mulch ring around the tree by creating a natural border. 





Using the Air Spade


Notice the stem girdling ties that were not removed when this tree was planted. This tree was also planted to deep.
This tree had monkey grass growing around the base that the home owner planted. We removed it, exposed the root flare and created a mulch ring with a natural border.


Notice the over mulching "mulch volcano" in this picture. Major problems await this tree in the future if not tended to.


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