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14 Jan 2024


Keeping a saw chain sharp on a chainsaw is no easy task for most but it is crucial. When it comes to trimming trees, chainsaws that are dull can leave ragged pruning cuts on a tree which makes the compartmentalization process of a tree more difficult. The longer it takes for a Tree to compartmentalize the more susceptible the tree is to be invaded by pests and disease. On the other hand, sharp chainsaws can make much cleaner cuts with little to no fraying of the wood if done correctly.

Dull chainsaws can also make tree cutting even more dangerous than it already is. When a saw chain is dull it typically requires the tree cutter to work hard by pushing harder on the saw and pushing the saw back and forth to get it to cut. This puts more strain on the operator and he or she is more likely to have an accident by the chainsaw “kickback” that can occur.

There are multiple reasons a TREE CUTTERS chainsaw can become dull. One of the most common reasons a chainsaw can become dull is from the tree trimmers chainsaw coming in contact with foreign debris other than fresh wood of a tree. Debris like dirt, rocks, concrete, dirt that is inside tree cavities are some of the many things that can make your sawn chain go dull. Here at Henderson Tree and Landscape, we take pride not only in our TREE SERVICE we provide for our customers in the TULSA and surrounding areas but also our tree service equipment and chainsaws we use to cut trees.

25 May 2016

Hiring The Right Tree Service Company After a Storm

Choosing the right tree service company in the Tulsa metro area can be a difficult task, especially after storm damage. As for a lot of tree companies, just about anyone can go down to the local hardware store that has a pick up and purchase a chainsaw, make up a few cards with their name on it and say “They’re a tree service company.” Most people wouldn’t take advice from a “person” who just went to the store and bought some medical equipment and called themself a “doctor” and this should hold true for a tree service company. With storm damage, brings with it the “tree service companies.” A lot of tree service companies chase storms from town to town and state to state. It’s always best to be sure to always check and make sure the tree service company you hire is fully insured and has actual proof of insurance. There has been many horror stories of tree service companies saying they are insured and when the incidents occurred the customer was left with damaged property etc. and the tree service company is now states away… You can see how this ended… Another big problem with hiring the wrong tree service company is the reality of it is a lot of them simply do not have the experience or knowledge on how to properly trim your trees. Trees should never be topped, stubbed out, or have 25% of the foliage removed at one time unless it is a safety issue and the tree is going to be removed soon. Topping a tree is extremely harmful to trees, doing so will make the tree(s) highly susceptible to insects and disease which in return causes wood rot and from there works its way into the tree from the site of the improper cut(s). Make sure the tree service company you choose has the proper insurance with actual proof and the experience with proper know how before trimming your trees. Contact Henderson Tree and Landscape, LLC today to receive a free consultation.

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