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Austin Henderson ISA Certified Arborist MW-5857A


Have your trees trimmed right the first time!


All too often we see improperly trimmed trees. Too many limbs removed, improper cuts, topping and majority of the time the home owner has no idea what has been done to their tree except the fact that it was "trimmed" at a low cost. Tree trimming is a science, we don't trim limbs (to make it look good) we trim properly. We look at branch attachment and ask ourselves, is this branch going to develop included bark? The list goes on. We simply don't just trim your trees, we surgically remove specific branches using methods set by the International Society of Arboriculture, based on guidelines developed, studied and performed by the nations leading tree experts.


Think of it as a tooth with a cavity, if not treated, the decay will continue ultimately until the tooth needs to be removed, the same is true with trees which have been improperly cut. Here's how it works: When an improper collar cut is made on a tree, the vascular tissue will not be able to seal the wound, thus resulting in excess decay where the cut was made. Whereas, when a proper cut is made the vascular tissue will be able to enclose the wound, thus minimizing decay and protecting the tree from infection which can lead to excessive decay. Simply put one bad cut can lead to the eventual death of a tree. 



There are a few tree trimmers in the Skiatook tree service business but not all are out to care for your trees. Here at Henderson Tree and Landscape we take pride in caring for trees. One of the many ways we have demonstrated this is becoming an ISA Certified credential holder. The International Society of Arboriculture has allowed arborists that want to further their knowledge in the free industry the ability to achieve the credential of becoming Certified through them by having to pass a very thorough and comprehensive exam. Austin Henderson has earned this credential and is proud to be one of the few Certified Arborists to provide tree services in Mounds, OK and to hold this credential.

What’s the benefit of tree pruning?

Pruning trees is an effective way of helping prevent tree failure. Often times when Oklahoma weather sweeps through the Skiatook, OK area, trees and tree branches can fail. Diagnosing problematic tree branches and tree deformities allows us to see what needs to be pruned off the tree. Some benefits of tree pruning include pruning for health, pruning for vigor, aesthetics, structure, safety and overall tree form.

How do I know what tree trimmer in Skiatook to use?

There are lots of tree trimmers in Skiatook, OK but few are ISA Certified Arborists. Here at Henderson Tree and Landscape, not only do we have an ISA Certified Arborist on site if we are chosen to trim your trees but an actual ISA Certified Arborist prunes your trees. Many companies have sales staff that are trained and qualified but few are actually the ones performing the work. Leaves on a tree are what feeds the tree. Every leaf eliminating cut made on a tree takes away food from the tree. Here at Henderson Tree and Landscape we are strong believers in “less is more”. The less foliage you remove from a tree is the less food you take away and this means less stress the tree endures. One way to look at tree trimming is imagining the tree undergoing surgery. So, in most cases like humans, the more mature the tree is, the less tolerant it is of severe surgery “trimming”. Furthermore, younger trees are more tolerant of tree surgery. There has been numerous occasions where we have been called to look at a tree trimming quote and upon arrival and after inspection of the tree we had advised the homeowner the tree was not in need of any trimming. If you still are unsure of who to use for your tree trimming service feel free to give us a call and talk to our ISA Certified Arborist for any questions you might have. (918) 510-2285

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