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While tree removal is the choice of last resort, it is sometimes necessary. And when this happens there is usually a stump that is left once the tree has been removed. We leave stump grinding as an option for the customer to choose to have the stump(s) ground out, left for aesthetic purposes or to be ground out at a later date. In most cases we grind tree stumps 10"-12" below ground depending on location, utility lines, electrical lines, etc. Once the stump grinding has been done there will usually be a mound of shavings left mounding over the freshly ground stump. It is the customers discretion whether or not to have us haul the shavings away or left. Sometimes there is very little shavings if the tree stump(s) is small but typically there can be a lot of shavings left over from stump grinding and although with time the shavings pile will settle, there still might be an excess amount of stump shavings a few months later. We will inform you at the time of the job estimation what option would be best for you.


We have years of experience in all aspects of tree removal.  Our technicians are licensed and insured, and the safety of our crew, your home, and surrounding structures is our top priority. We use protection barriers to help prevent flying debris from causing damage to surrounding structures.


Do you have tree roots from an old existing tree that you're tired of mowing over? Do you have multiple old shrubs or plant stumps in your flowerbeds that are preventing you from planting in there location? We can grind those problematic stumps to get your lawn or flowerbed back the way you always wanted it. 


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